Key Features and Benefits Include 

    • Over-the-Counter Permitting

      The ParkVANTAGE over-the-counter permitting module gives your office staff the ability to quickly and efficiently issue physical or virtual parking permits of any type to customers coming into your parking authority.

    • Online Permitting

      Increase customer satisfaction while decreasing agency queues by offering your customers access to an easy-to-use online portal where they can purchase their parking permits, eliminating their need to visit the parking authority.

    • Pay-by-Phone Mobile App

      ParkVANTAGE Mobile lets your customers register and begin to pay for their on/off street parking conveniently from their mobile phone eliminating the inconvenience of paying with coins.

    • Integrated Modular Design

      ParkVANTAGE is an integrated suite of modules designed to streamline any type or size parking operation: municipality, university or private operator, and our unique design, lets you manage your entire operation under a single platform.

    • Driver License Scanning

      Accurately extract required purchaser and permit holder details from State issued driver license and ID cards, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming manual entry, resulting in operational efficiencies and the elimination of data entry error.

    • Real-Time VIN Decoding

      Accurately extract key data elements from State issued vehicle registration card or forms, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming manual entry, resulting in operational efficiencies and the elimination of data entry errors.

    • Reporting Module

      Several standard industry reports are provided which deliver vital information on the day to day operations of the parking authority and as needed, reports can be added and or customized on demand.

    • Search / Look-up Functionality

      Our dynamic search and lookup functionality will provide users the ability to perform lookups through a broad range of criteria, all within a single screen, and the results can be organized and sorted to meet the viewers requirements.

    • Merchant Processing

      Our integrated merchant processing service offers authorities the ability to seamlessly receive customer payment(s) via debit and or credit though our over-the-counter and online permitting modules, and pay-by-phone mobile app.

    • License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

      Fully integrated with the renowned Genetec AutoVu ALPR solution, ParkVANTAGE provides seamless license plate recognition enforcement throughout your community and or campuses in real-time.

    • Managed Services (Cloud Hosting)

      With ParkVANTAGE managed services, your system is hosted in our secure cloud environment eliminating your need for IT infrastructure, and more importantly, server maintenance and software updates are included at no additional cost.