Card Counting Solutions

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 Model:  AC3
 Counting method:  Electro-optical (non mechanical)
digital imaging and sophisticated image processing.
 Card types:  Plastic, paper, laminated paper
 Cards dimensions:  L: 50-100 mm, W: 50-80 mm, T: 0.25-1.0 mm, L: 1.97-3.94 in;
W: 1.97-3.15 in, T: 0.01-0.04 in.
 Capacity (maximum):  Up to 100 cards at once (e.g. 100 of 0.27 mm Metro Cards, 35 of 0.762 mm ISO cards, 20 embossed ISO credit cards).
 Counting speed (average):  2 seconds or less
 Operation mode:  Counter (numerical results) or verifier (OK / Failed).
 User interface:  Touch screen display, red/green light line, speaker, on/off button.
 Visual information:  Counting result, previously stored results, operation status, warnings, help.
 Audio information:  Sounds & voice announcements, 3 volume levels
 Digital interface:  Ethernet (LAN), RS-232
 Print reports:  Optional with external printer (directly or via PC)
 Operation noise:  None
 Maintenance:  Optical window wiping only
 Power supply:  Counter DC 12V, AC 110-230V adapter
 Dimensions:  W: 280 mm, H: 170 mm, D: 150 mm
 Weight:  2.500g (approx.)
 Color:  Silver; Bottom: dark gray
 Approvals:  UL, CE, FCC
 Misc. features:  User friendly, portable, date & time displayed when idle, networking capabilities, easy software upgrade and more.
1. The Card materials and card thickness supported by this model depend on software configurations/customization is available upon request.
2. All specifications and features are subject to changes without prior notice.