Card Counting Solutions

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Counting Method

Photo-electric (non mechanical)


Power Requirements:

Battery: Lithium-ion 3.6V/800mAh

Power Consumption: sleep mode: <1mA Working: <35mA


Working Environment:

Working Temperature: 10º ~ 40ºC (50º ~ 104ºF)

Working Humidity: 30% ~ 90%


Counter Options:

Single Count: 1 - 2000

Accumulating Count: 1 - 999,999


Power Switch (on/off):

Power on by pressing any key.

Auto-power off after 30 seconds of inactivity.



AC battery charger for the battery is provided.

Uses a high capacity lithium-ion battery (Included).

On-board electronics regulate the battery charging.

The battery can be charged with a USB connection to a PC.


Screen Display:



High contrast six digit LCD display.

Battery charge status indicator.

The display adjusts for left or right-handed users.