Consumables / Supplies

We carry a full range of high quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplies for virtually every card printer manufacturer; NBS, DataCard, CIM, Logika, Zebra/Eltron, Javelin, Fargo, MagiCard, and Evolis.  If you don't see your printer manufacturers name, contact us for availability. 

In addition to our OEM ribbons and cards we also offer alternative supplies for most printer manufacturers.  Our alternative supplies are all high quality and very cost effective.  Each meet and/or exceed the original equipment manufacturer specifications and come with a 100% money back guarantee.

  • Ink Rollers
  • Indent Ribbons
  • Thermal Printheads
  • Plastic Cards and Metal Plates
  • Monochrome Thermal Ribbons
  • Dye Sublimation Thermal Ribbons
  • Secure and Non-Secure Laminates
  • Tipping Foils in a wide range of colors
  • Cleaning Tape and Scratch-Off Ribbons

Contact your local Sales Representative, (732) 282-9002, Ext.102 or Email today for pricing and availability.



We carry in stock, a wide range of monochrome and dye-sublimation (color) ribbons for a variety of thermal printer manufacturers; NBS, DataCard, Zebra/Eltron, CIM, Evolis and Fargo. We offer original equipment manufacturer ribbons as well as high quality cost effective replacement ribbons. No matter what type of thermal printer you own, we can provide you with the ribbon you need.



We offer printheads for almost every thermal printer manufacturer.  If a printhead is not in stock, we can have it shipped within three business days.  We stock printheads for the following printer manufacturers; Zebra/Eltron, CIM, Logika, NBS and DataCard.  Call for pricing. 



Cleaning supplies are essential for all thermal printers.  We stock a wide range of cleaning cards, cleaning swabs, cleaning tapes and cleaning rollers for virtually every card printer manufacturer.  Our cleaning supplies are design to give you maximum card quality and extended printer life.



We offer a full range of plastic cards in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials and colors.  Whether it's multi colored cards or your traditional white PVC card with or without a magnetic stripe, our plastic cards and magnetic stripe materials are of the highest quality.

If you are producing a Photo ID and your quality of image is critical, then we highly recommend our Graphic Quality cards as the ideal card solution.  To ensure that each and ever card is blemish free and to specification, as an added process, our Graphic Quality cards are passed through a state-of-the-art vision inspection system.  Doing so guarantees you to have a near flawless plastic.

Our colored cards are available in a matt (dull) or polished (high gloss) finish in a variety of colors and thicknesses.  Metallic cards are also available in a range of colors and sizes. 



We also specialize in 4-Color Process finish cards.  If you're looking to promote your organization there's no better way today than with a card which acts as a billboard for your company.  No matter the type of card; loyalty card, gift card, membership or casino player tracking card, we can provide you with exceptional quality cards, ones which stand out and deliver your message.