Embossing Systems - Metal Plate and Tags

Metal tags have become the standard for identifying many different types of products.  We offer a variety of high quality metal plate and tagging systems that make embossing or debossing on metal easy and cost effective.  With reliability a most, our embossing systems are all industrial design to ensure maximum uptime.  Our systems have been successfully used in the most challenging environments including automobile factories, steel plants, shipyards as well as, extreme mobile military conditions.

Metal tags are chemical resistant, can withstand extreme weather conditions and can survive extended periods of time in severe heat.  They offer long-term identification in environments too harsh for paper or plastic tags.  Some of the more typical applications include: Automotive Body & VIN Plates, Military ID Tags, Cable/Hose Tags, Inventory/Asset Control & Tracking Tags, Work-in-Progress Components Identification, Tags for Galvanized or Heat-treated Processes, and Serial Number Tags.

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The M10 manual embossing systems is ideal for any low volume metal plate embossing requirement.  With its universal card holder, it can accept a wide range of plate sizes and its durable design makes it ideal for in-house or mobile requirements. The M10 is perfect for producing Dog Tags and Merchant Plates.


ME Series

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The ME1000 and ME2000 are the ideal cost effective alternatives to Stamping & Dies.  Equipped with a unique variable plate size loading system and universal clamp, the ME Series can accept a variety of plate shapes and dimensions and is capable of handling a variety of metals including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.  A large selection of fonts are available for embossing, debossing or indenting.


MDM Series

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The MDM1000 and MDM2000 can reliably stylus stamp logos, windows fonts and special characters of all sizes.  Equipped with manual or automatic loading and unloading hoppers.  Stamps special characters such as country specific characters and symbols.  Able to stamp up to two logos at a time in addition to text.  Suitable for a variety of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.