Card Scanning Solution




Scan-N-Send is a unique solution which gives the user the ability to scan or swipe any State issued ID, Driver's License, Passport or Government ID.  Within seconds, the demographic information and/or photo are parsed and extracted, then quickly and accurately sent the receiving application data fields.  With Scan-N-Send there's no more wasted time asking for a name and address, correcting spelling mistakes, or worrying about duplicate entries.     


With the ability to read a multiple of formats; OCR, 2D Barcode and Magnetic Stripe, Scan-N-Send is the most flexible scanning solution available.  Since it's application independent, it can be used with virtually any windows application.  Designed to run in the background, Scan-N-Send is also transparent to the operator. 


If your business falls within any of the following industries then Scan-N-Send is ideal for you; Hospitality, Gaming, Health & Fitness, Automotive Dealerships, Rental Agencies, Security, Banking, Government and many more.

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The MagShell-900 is a manual swipe, bi-directional, portable 3-Track Magnetic Stripe Reader. The MagShell-900 conforms to ISO formats (7810, 7811), AAMVA, JIS & DMV formatIt communicates with a host computer or other terminals via a standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface, and requires no external power.



The ScanShell-800 is a sheet-fed twain compatible color scanning device which interfaces to any standard USB port.  It is an ideal scanning solution for Photo, Business Card, Bank Check, ID card, driving License, and Lottery Tickets.  Its ideal compact design and scanning quality makes it a perfect companion for all mobile requirements.




The Scanshell-800DX is a high-speed duplex ID card scanner which offers simultaneous high image quality capture of both sides of the scanned card.  It is the perfect solution for scanning insurance cards, driver licenses, ID cards, photos, business cards, bank checks, and even embossed cards.  The Scanshell-800DX is equipped with high speed USB 2.0 standard interface and requires no external power supply. It is TWAIN and WIA compatible.  With its light weight, small footprint and simple connection, the Scanshell-800DX is a unique and convenient solution for simultaneous double side scanning of cards for both desktop and mobile use.



The ScanShell-1000 is a 5" x 3" portable flatbed scanner.  Offering color (24 bit), grayscale (8 bit), black and white, and filter infrared spectrum inks scanning capability, the ScanShell-1000 provides a convenient way to quickly inspect secure documents such as passports, driver license, bank checks, documents, ID cards, photos, and digital "watermarked" items.  The ScanShell-1000 works with any standard USB port and requires no external power adapter. Compact and easy-to use, the ScanShell-1000 integrates seamlessly into corporate and government security communities USA PATRIOT ACT compliance programs.



The SnapShell camera scanner is a revolutionary new ID card reader for capturing driver’s license information quickly and accurately.  The SnapShell uses a 3 mega-pixel camera built into its base to “snap“ high quality digital images of ID cards (up to 600 dpi).  The easy-to-use SnapShell scanner uses a USB 2.0 connection and features no moving parts while requiring no calibration, making it a low maintenance solution that allows users to simply place their card face down on the window and letting the id reader system to do the rest.