Thermal Printing Systems

If you're printing membership cards, gift cards, insurance cards or any other type of thermally printed card, we have the right printer for you at a very affordable price.  

Our thermal printing systems are designed with reliability, card quality and low cost-per-card in mind.  Our printers, cards, ribbons and software are ideal for producing a wide range of thermally printed cards; Membership and Loyalty Cards, Casino Player Cards, Insurance Cards, Business Cards, Identification Cards or any other type application were thermal printing on a card is required.

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Card printing is now easier than ever. The P205 is an economical, single-sided monochrome card printer with convenient, easy-to-use features to produce personalized cards on demand with text and/or bar codes for lower volume applications. Target applications: Visitor badges, Loyalty cards, Personalized gift and membership cards, Etc.



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Affordable Card Printing for Low Volume Card Applications. The P210i sets new standards in affordability and compact design for single-sided color card printing.  With the benefits of i-series technology and cartridge based ribbon, on demand card printing is easier than ever. Target applications: Employee and Visitor ID Badges, Personalized Gift, Loyalty and Membership Cards, or Special Occasion Remembrance Cards, Etc..



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With advanced design and solid reliability, the Zebra P120i makes dual-sided card printing more affordable than ever.  Use the P120i to enhance security with clearly identifiable photo IDs or access control cards.  Or, build customer loyalty with great looking membership cards or gift cards.  In any application, the compact and easy-to-use P120i is a revolution in versatility and cost effectiveness.  This sleek, lightweight card printer includes features such as Load-N-Go ribbon cartridge with integrated cleaning roller, single card feed, and color or monochrome printing. 



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Fast, professional card printing at an affordable price. For successful quality printing at an affordable price, choose Zebra’s P310i. Easy to use and reliable, this single-sided card printer has convenient features to make color card printing low-cost and simple. Target applications: Employee ID Cards, Child ID Cards, Student/Faculty ID Cards, Club Membership and Loyalty Cards, Etc.



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Performance and Reliability for Access Control Applications. Color printing on proximity cards is more reliable than ever with the P320i. Designed for environments where security and dependable operation are a must, the P320i is versatile and industrial. Target applications: Casino Gaming Cards, Resort Season Passes, Traditional ID Cards, Secure Facility Access Control Cards, Environmental Emergencies/Disaster Area Access Cards, Etc.



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Three words best describe the P330i, Powerful. Reliable. and Flexible. The P330i is the most powerful and flexible printer in its class. This single-sided card printer is easy to use, produces reliable, high performance printing at an affordable price. Target applications: Employee IDs, Student Meal Plan cards, Secure Facility Access cards, Patient ID cards, Membership and Loyalty cards, Casino and Gaming cards, Etc.



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Solve your on-demand dual-sided card printing needs with the P420i. With its LCD display and convenient user features, this rugged, dual-sided card printer readily prints high quality, personalized photo ID cards for high volume applications. Target applications: Event Badges, Theme Park Season Passes, Employee and Student IDs, Access Control Cards, Licenses, Etc.



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Adding unique security features to an ID Card is easy, faster and more economical than ever before with the P640i dual-side printer and laminator. The 640i delivers mission critical reliability, superior performance and affordability.  With a number of built-in security features, protect yourself and your organizations ID cards from counterfeiting, alteration and duplication.  Target applications: State Driver's Licenses, High Security Access Control ID Cards, Law Enforcement and Correctional Facility ID Cards, Airport ID Cards or just about any other type application were a long lasting Secure ID is required.



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The T800 is the most cost effective mid range single-sided monochrome thermal printer available. It's reliability and overall cost per card make it ideal for producing Membership and Loyalty Cards, Casino Player Cards, and Medical Insurance Cards.



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The T1000 Professional Series is a single printhead design with an optional flip mechanism for dual-sided printing. Capable of color or monochrome printing the T1000 is multi tasking achieving speeds of up to 1100 cards per hours for monochrome and 150 per hour for color. Its robust design along with the fact that multiple Pro-Series systems can be linked together to create your desired configuration make it ideal for any mid to high volume card production bureau. Optional ISO Magnetic Stripe encoding and Smart Chip personalization are available.



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The T2000 is part of the CIM Professional Series line of card personalization solutions. This system is equipped with two multi-tasking thermal printing modules ensuring high speed performance and first class printing quality. Its robust design along with the fact that multiple Pro-Series systems can be linked together to create your desired configuration make it ideal for card bureau production. Optional ISO Magnetic Stripe encoding and Smart Chip personalization are available.