Key EventTRAXR Features 

  • Single Mobile App

    Attendees and exhibitors utilize a single, user freindly, mobile event app designed to efficiently navigate them through the event, provide the ability to create personalized event schedules and follow ups, offer lookup and search functionality, send and receive in-app notifications, rate and review, and for exhibitors, capture event leads all within a single app.

  • Agenda

    Create a dynamic event agenda for attendees and exhibitors to view and utilize throughout the event.  Users can view the agenda and add specific agenda items or sessions to the Favorits List, or dive down deeper and retrieve specific details such as session location, speaker(s), rate and review, and if available, download brochures or handouts.  

  • My Favorites List

    This feature gives app users to ability to quickly create a personalized list for follow up during or after the event.  As an example, create a schedule of sessions you want to attend or specific speakers you are interested in seeing, and the user can add or remove from the list at their convenience.     

  • Speaker

    App users can quickly search for a speaker by name or view the full list of event speakers direct from the app main menu rather than having to manually read through an event booklet.  App users will also have the ability to quickly list every session being given by a specific speaker if they desire, or connect and communicate with the speakers through social media.    

  • Sponsors

    Event sponsors provide a financial investment and deserve recognition therefore, we provide a sponsor link from the app main menu giving app users the ability to view event sponsors by sponsorship level, in alphabetical order.  This also gives the app user the ability to quickly capture additional information on the sponsor leading to enhanced event exposure. 

  • App User Login

    Access to app features and functionality are contingent app user login credentials.  As an example, app users who do not want to create an app user login will not have access to in-app communications, including the ability to rate and review but, exhibitors who purchased lead retrieval, once they login, they will have access to capture leads.

  • Lead Capture

    Our lead retrieval module is simple to use and gives exhibitors the ability to quickly capture leads through the scanning of an attendee or exhibitor badge, entry of a unique badge number, or entry of a company name.  We give the exhibiotr the ability to create dynamic follow-up and survey questions, and allow for the entry of freeform notes.   

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